What you need to sell your Home Successfully

The market is always changing making it hard to know when the perfect time to sell your home could be. Contrary to common belief, the timing of your sale might not affect your success as much as other things. While each area has it’s own market rises and falls, there are a few common mistakes that can be made while trying to sell your home that could cause you to not only lose your sale but could also make it a challenging journey to reach a finalized sale agreement. To allow for a successful sale, here are a few things you should be sure to avoid.

Higher a professional Essentials to selling your home

For some of us this might seem like a no-brainer, but for others, those with a go-getter attitude, it could be harder to decide to higher a professional to handle the sale instead of handling it yourself.  Now, if you are a real estate agent or have bought and sold multiple different homes, this might change things a little. There are multiple different laws and forms that go along with selling a home and make it difficult and extremely stressful if you aren’t aware and knowledgeable of how the process works. Leave the dirty work for someone who knows how to handle the chaos.

List with a reasonable price - 

Because the market is always changing, it is hard to know what your home's true worth is at the time of your sale. Even if you paid $250,000 5 years prior to your sale, your home could have decreased or increased in value, which should reflect in your asking price. By listing your home too high you are automatically losing viewings as many potential buyers will avoid touring homes that they believe are overpriced.

Get an inspection -

While we may believe fixing things around the house is pointless seems how we will be selling, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your potential buyers will see and notice things that are broken, in need of repair or upgrading and may begin to wonder how well you have maintained, or in some cases, neglected the rest of the home. By getting an inspection you can see what needs immediate attention and by doing so, you could be speeding up the sale of your home.

Keep it clean and consider staging - 

The family heirlooms, toddler toys, family photos, and day to day clutter may be what makes our house a home, but that is what will also kill your sale. By leaving your personal belonging throughout the home your potential buyers will have a difficult time picturing their families living in the space that so obviously is not theirs, but instead yours.  Try to detach yourselves from the home as much as possible to allow for a more open-minded experience for your potential buyers. Home staging is also a great option to help aid your sale.  

Low offers happen - 

As humans, if we are given a lowball offer it is our nature to want to laugh it off and not even think about considering the offer that was made. We all like saving money and for all you know, this low-ball offer could end up being the offer that you accept. While the potential buyer is simply trying to save some cash, they might be in love with your home and willing to spend much more. Even this low offer gives you the capability to negotiate and finally settle on a reasonable offer. 

In any sale, you should consult your real estate agent to see if they have any personal tips and tricks that are specific to your area. With all home sales there are bound to be bumps in the road, so brace yourself and be ready for anything. By soaking in the information your agent has for you, and following a few of these tricks, your home sale is sure to be a successful experience.

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Mark Tombrello with Condo Sales says

Love the inspection part. Too many sellers have no idea what their home needs when they list and are shocked when people actually want work done before they buy. Well, if you want the big bucks, you better pony up the money now to fix it.

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