Secrets to Staging a Listed Home for the Holidays

Oh, it's that time of year but really, whatever time of year it is, there are folks that just love to decorate. Easter, Halloween, Christmas, heck, even Flag Day, they've got their decorations all up for the world to see. But what if you plan on selling your home during a holiday season? Does this mean you can't deck the halls or wave your freak flag? Not necessarily. If you're planning on selling your house and you have not already received an offer, there are secrets and ways to stage your home so that you can still enjoy the holiday season and yet not drive anyone nuts with the theme to Polar Express playing on a looped tape in the front yard. 

Here are some key tips to staging for the holidays.Secrets to staging a listed home for holidays

#1. Keep it simple.

Like I said before, maybe it's not the year to connect the local radio station to the light display on the front lawn. If buyers can't really see the home it makes it hard to make an offer. If they are distracted by the flashing lights, blow-up Santa and all 8 of his reindeer, garland on anything that will stand still and wreaths on every window and door, they really won't be able to see the house for what it really is AND what it will probably look like the other 11 months of the year. Keep it simple and elegant.

#2. Create a welcome front door.

Just because you can't lay Reindeer feed up the front steps doesn't mean you can't make it a warm and inviting space. A welcome wreath, a little garland or maybe a topiary on each side of the front door is plenty to add that "come on in" feel. 

#3. De-personalize.

I know that this time of year is perfect for Johnny's little handmade ornament or Cindy's handknitted stocking with her name on it or Billys customized menorah he made in school, but this is not the time to display them and if you  must, only do so when you know you won't have a showing. Keep it tailored, classic and de-personalized. Keep your collection of 82 Christmas houses packed in the box until next year. 

#4. Use fresh if you can. 

Nothing beats fresh garland or fresh greens in the kitchen and bathroom but be cautious as they can dry out quickly and create a mess. Don't let these things turn into clutter either, sometimes a little makes a big statement.

#5. Don't stress too much about religion.

People understand that everyone celebrates in different ways just don't go overboard. Sure, you might offend someone but having a Christmas tree up shouldn't affect a sale. Having 3 nativity scenes or dreidels around every corner might be a little overkill. Keep the religious symbols to a minimum and keep things classic, small and one color. Too many colors can look cluttered and messy.

#6. Create a "scents" of coziness.

Smells can bring a memory back to us faster and more clear than anything. Cinnamon apples, warm bread, pumpkin spice, and other holiday or winter scents can really add a "hominess" to the house. Wax melts are one of the easiest ways and safest to keep those smells wafting through the house but don't go overboard. Often when you add a new one it can be overpowering so cut those up in slices and only use one every few days to keep a subtle scent going throughout the week.

If you're planning on selling your house in Western Washington this year contact us. We have agents from Vancouver to Bellingham that KNOW what it's like to sell a house during the holidays. With our proven methods and strategies we can get more money from the sale of your home and more offers on the table faster than just about anyone. Try us!



Orlando Buyers Agents Says:

We tell our clients that if they don't know how to decorate to not do it at all. We don't want anything to detract from our buyers actually seeing the bones of the house. It can be so hard to imagine what the house will look like without all the decorations so maybe a wreath on the door and that's all. 

Sacramento Home Buyer Says:

It also depends on how fast you want to sell. Some investors don't care what the house looks like, we can see the potential. If you don't plan on selling during the holidays then decorate away! Many buyers are focused on getting through the holidays and then buying. 

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