What to Consider When Purchasing a Home That Many People Don't Think About

Uncommon details to look for in a house


Before you begin the search to find your new home, generally, you have at least a small idea of what you are looking for. Whether it is a few items on a wish list or an in-depth detailed list, we hardly ever go into a home buying experience completely blind. The truth is, even those of us who have an incredibly detailed wish list can often overlook simple things that will directly affect the way we live and enjoy our new home in the future. While there are countless different lists you could accumulate and create to be sure you don’t overlook a single detail, a few of the things you might want to keep an eye out for are more simple than you may think.


  1. Indoor-Outdoor Living: If you are hoping to have a home where you can host great events with friends or family, a huge bonus is to have an outdoor space that flows into your home and creates that extra room for loved ones to flow into. French doors are a great feature to help open up a doorway from an indoor to an outdoor space.

  2. Layout: While having a good flow from inside to outside, a bad floor plan can drastically affect the way you live your day-to-day life. Whether the home you are touring be staged or completely vacant, picture your life, your furniture, and your day-to-day activities in the home to see if the flow would mesh well with your lifestyle. Even a layout that looks to be perfect can be ruined if you don’t visualize your life in the home instead of the home it is staged to be selling.

  3. Watch for Hills: Sometimes we are so blown away by the beauty of a new home we don’t pay much attention to the lot the home is sitting on. Take a few minutes to walk the property and check for any hills that could create a problem for you in the future. If you want to add a deck, be sure the lot is flat, a garden, be sure there is a cleared area with lots of sun, etc.

  4. Sunshine: Natural light is a huge factor in the overall enjoyment of a home. Sometimes, if allowed by the current homeowner, turn off the lights if you are touring the home in the daylight to see what the homes natural light looks like. Nobody wants to be in a home that is dark and musty and requires you to have multiple lights on at all times of the day.

  5. Windows: While windows can be changed and replaced, this isn’t an easy or cheap task. Make sure you are content with not only the size but the placement of windows as well.

  6. Driveway: This is a very common feature that is overlooked. Look at the width of the driveway. Would it be easy to turn around? Do you have to back out after each time you pull in? There are many things to consider when it comes to a driveway and the parking possibilities you will have in your new home. Be sure to check!

  7. Stairs: Obviously if you’re looking for a rambler this won’t apply to you, however, stairs is a huge thing to look at and inspect when buying a home. Be sure to check not only the steepness of the stairs but the width of the stairs as well.


While the list could go on and on, I hope these few pointers help you in finding your next home and enjoying all the features it has to offer you and your family for years to come.


Peter Westbrook says:

Sunshine! What a great detail. Many people see homes, especially in Washington state, on dark, cloudy days and can really miss it when buying only to find out that the sun hits in a weird place in the afternoon making their backyard or front yard almost unusable. Good post.

Jackie Barikhan says:

This is a great post. Hills are a factor and even though we don't have to deal with snow, people in places where snow is a factor need to consider getting to and from their house on hills. Thanks for posting. Visit my site if you can.

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