Bridgett Carlisle
Bridgett Carlisle

Bridgett Carlisle

Broker • License: 20120972

Are you nervous or just flat out overwhelmed? BUT, also a little excited?

You are justified to have every one of those feelings. This is likely the biggest financial transaction of your lifetime and the real estate market can be very overwhelming for many.

Especially with the way the market has been recently.

You’re wanting to list your home and purchase a new home but with all the moving parts and a million different ways to go about it is nerve-wracking. That is why you need a strategic plan and way to move forward with expertise in the business, so the selling of your home gets you the very best price and your new investment doesn’t become a potential mess.

Let me put your mind at ease.

It seems like every where you go someone knows a real estate agent, they’re really a dime a dozen these days. Some just click a couple buttons putting your listing on the Multiple Listing Site and then telling you they’ve marketed it to multiple sights as their means of marketing, what they often don’t tell you is by posting it to the MLS it automatically markets it to those other sites, so they are doing the very minimal amount of work for you. I’m not here to knock other agents, I’m here to give you the reason why I am different than other agents.

Bridgett Carlisle @ Better Properties Real Estate is different.

I use a leading-edge strategy that works, and I give you the step by step guidance and real estate expertise that guides you through this often stressful process as seamless as possible. Real estate can often cause a headache to people with all the numbers, statistics, current market, this that and the other. I come into the situation knowing that each person like each transaction is different. You are different and you should be treated like more than numbers on a contract because you deserve to be and I know that.

My clients have entrusted me throughout the home buying and selling process not only because I work hard, a lot of people work hard, but because I come to the table with a true love of people and cultivating new relationships. I am married to a first responder who just happens to also be a Warrant Officer in the Army. This is what our family is, and it has taught me over the years how to be a strong, move froward and get it done person. I have met many people in this journey and it makes me value relationships and what they mean so much more. I am here to help you through the process and get it handled quickly and as effortlessly as possible all while creating a lifelong relationship.

Take a look around to learn a little more about me, and please take a look at some reviews from past clients.

When you’re ready please call me for a consultation. I will go over your goals, your needs and wants and how I work with my clients, if we both feel we’re the right fit, then we’ll take it from there.

Call today- 206-919-5809

All the best,
Bridgett Carlisle, Better Properties Real Estate

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