Kevin Green

I 100% recommend Leslie Young for your real estate needs. Leslie was our listing agent in what had to be one of the most challenging listings she’s taken on. My former spouse moved across the country years ago, but still had a stake in the house we purchased while married – and we had conflicting opinions about how to proceed with the sale.

Leslie wore a smile the whole time as she helped us maneuver through the challenges we introduced to the home selling process. I appreciated how Leslie made a point of over-communicating to all parties, to ensure nobody felt left behind or surprised at any point.

In the hours I spent prepping the house for sale or addressing concerns raised by the appraiser, Leslie was right there with me. She made repeated runs to the hardware store. She held a paint brush and helped touch up the garage exterior with me one Sunday morning. She manned a pair of trimmers to help cut the bushes away from the house another day. She helped fix too many things I’m embarrassed to admit I neglected over my years as a homeowner. Everything she did was amazing. It was far more than I ever would have asked of her or expected a real estate agent to do.

Another super helpful thing about Leslie is that she seems to have a contact for everything. Any time a need came up, she would flip through her mental rolodex and announce she knew just who to call. Install earthquake straps on the water heater? “I know a guy for that!” Low budget staging? “I have the perfect person for that!” Trim those high branches off the cherry blossom tree? “My arborist is awesome and affordable!” I can see myself reaching out to Leslie for years to come to ask for recommendations from her wide network.

Once we accepted an offer and the house went pending, I of course asked Leslie to put on her buyer’s agent hat to help us find the perfect house. She met us on weekends and evenings, walked with us through open houses and got us into listed houses we thought might be a good fit for us. We walked through some weird houses, some smelly houses and finally found our perfect house. She helped us negotiate the price down to a range we were comfortable with and held our hands through the entire home buying process.

We felt safe in Leslie’s hands and would definitely recommend her to friends, family and anyone looking for a realtor.

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